Friday, October 4, 2013

By Kashmira Sheth, Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbler (Peachtree)

When a young boy is left in the care of his teen sister, all he wants her to do is read his book about tigers with him. But she’s got her ear-buds in, groovin’ in her own world, and doesn’t want to take the time to read with him. After all she’s only supposed to make his lunch.  But when she puts his bowl of alphabet soup in front of him, he suddenly spies a tiger in his soup!  The tiger steams and swirls out of his bowl and his ordinary lunch quickly becomes a fight for his life (and lunch).  His battle with the tiger draws his sister help as spoons drop and soup gets cold.  Will this play for attention get him the book time he’s seeking with his sister? For the kids whose imagination roars for recognition, “Tiger in My Soup” is the recipe for required reading.

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