Thursday, October 3, 2013

By Patty Bowman (Philomel / Penguin)
Hamweenie is a cat…who is also a star, waiting to be born.  In his mind, he’s a famous magician-acrobat-entertainer who is destined for fame and the adulation of children world-wide. 
He imagines himself in the spotlight center-stage, under the big top and with his name writ large across the sky as “The Amazing Hamweenie”. But his dreams are hampered at every turn by his caregiver, a little girl who loves him with baths and costumes (balanced with treats and hugs).  Convinced he is being alternately drowned and poisoned, Hamweenie bides his time looking for every opportunity to escape and find his destiny. But readers will find that his imagination is his best vehicle for escape – because his real captivity is the best life ever. This is a delightful title both for its droll humor and highly detailed artwork!

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